The Baseball Movie Quiz: Major League II

Major League is great. Major League II, less so. But it's still a fun movie and a great vehicle for Bob Uecker. How well do you remember the baseball sequel?

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Which cast member from Major Leauge II doesn’t appear in the first movie?
Dennis Haysbert
Tom Berenger
Omar Epps
Corbin Bernsen
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The Indians get especially crowded at one position, with Jake Taylor, Jack Parkman and Rube Baker all vying for the same spot. What position is it?
Third base
First base
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What is the name of Ricky Vaughn’s old girlfriend that helps him regain his fastball?
Kenda Tyler
Sheryl Dorn
Jessi Landry
Nikki Reese
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Ballpark scenes weren’t filmed in Cleveland or Milwaukee, like the first movie. This time, what city hosted the filming?
New York
Los Angeles
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Why does Jake Taylor take over as manager?
Lou Brown has a heart attack
Lou Brown is fired by Rachel Phelps on her first day back as owner
Lou Brown quits after learning he has a daughter in Cleveland
Lou Brown is fired by Roger Dorn after a locker room dispute
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Midseason, hotshot player Jack Parkman is traded to what team?
New York Yankees
Oakland Athletics
Detroit Tigers
Chicago White Sox
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What happens to Pedro Cerrano during a game that causes a rather severe running error?
He gets insulted by a spectator and runs out to attack them
He hits a bird and rushes into the outfield to rescue it
He has a religious awakening and stops before getting to home plate to contemplate it
As the sun goes down, he pauses between first and second to pray
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Which of these offseason changes does NOT take place?
Willie Mays Hayes becomes a standup comedian
Ricky Vaughn loses his bad boy image
Pedro Cerrano converts to Buddhism
Jake Taylor marries Lynn
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Not surprisingly, Rachel Phelps doesn’t stay on to own the Indians. What character ends up buying the team?
Rick Vaughn
Roger Dorn
Jake Taylor
Harry Doyle
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The movie didn’t necessarily reverse the real-life Indians’ success curse, but the year after the movie was released, the Tribe did pretty well. How did the team do?
Lost in a one-game playoff and missed the playoffs
Lost in the ALDS
Lost in the ALCS
Lost in the World Series