The Baseball Movie Quiz: The Sandlot

There may be baseball movies that offer a more accurate portrayal of the big league game, but it’s hard to argue against The Sandlot as one of the funniest family-friendly sports movies ever. Let’s see how well you remember the adventures of Smalls, Benny, and the Beast.

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The boys try all of the following techniques to get the ball back from the Beast except:
Grabbing it with an Erector set
Sucking it up in a vacuum cleaner hose
Distracting the Beast with food
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What does “Big Chief” refer to in the movie?
Benny's bat
DeNunez's fastball
The boys' brand of chewing tobacco
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Which boy fakes a drowning in order to kiss the lifeguard, which gets the whole team banned from the swimming pool?
Yeah Yeah
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When the boys meet the Beast’s owner, they learn the dog’s real name is what?
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What legendary Yankee had signed the ball the boys lose to the Beast?
Babe Ruth
Lou Gehrig
Joe DiMaggio
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What position does Scotty Smalls play on the boys’ baseball team?
Left field
Right field
Third base
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What sort of “magical” shoes does Benny don for his climactic encounter with the Beast?
Converse All Stars
P.F. Flyers
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For what Major League team does an adult Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez play at the end of the movie?
New York Yankees
Chicago Cubs
Los Angeles Dodgers
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What actor played Scotty Smalls’ stepfather who owned the crucial autographed ball?
Bill Pullman
Denis Leary
Bill Paxton
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What actor played Mr. Mertle, the Beast’s owner?
Morgan Freeman
James Earl Jones
Robert Duvall