Name the World Series MVPs Since 1995

Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander, and Buster Posey are among the favorites for this year's World Series MVP. But as this quiz proves, the favorites don't always take home the hardware. There are 18 possible answers because the award was shared in 2001. Good luck!

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Name the World Series MVPs Since 1995
Hideki Matsui (Yankees, 2009)|Hideki Matsui|Matsui
Cole Hamels (Phillies, 2008)|Cole Hamels|Hamels|Cole Hammels|Hammels
Mike Lowell (Red Sox, 2007)|Mike Lowell|Lowell
David Eckstein (Cardinals, 2006)|David Eckstein|Eckstein
Jermaine Dye (White Sox, 2005)|Jermaine Dye|Dye
Manny Ramirez (Red Sox, 2004)|Manny Ramirez|Ramirez
Josh Beckett (Marlins, 2003)|Josh Beckett|Beckett
Troy Glaus (Angels, 2002)|Troy Glaus|Glaus
Curt Schilling (co-MVP, Diamondbacks, 2001)|Curt Schilling|Schilling
Randy Johnson (co-MVP, Diamondbacks, 2001)|Randy Johnson|Johnson
Derek Jeter (Yankees, 2000)|Derek Jeter|Jeter
Mariano Rivera (Yankees, 1999)|Mariano Rivera|Rivera
Scott Brosius (Yankees, 1998)|Scott Brosius|Brosius
Livan Hernandez (Marlins, 1997)|Livan Hernandez|Hernandez
John Wetteland (Yankees, 1996)|John Wetteland|Wetteland|John Wettland|Wettland|John Wetland|Wetland
Tom Glavine (Braves, 1995)|Glavine|Tom Glavine
Edgar Renteria (Giants, 2010)|Edgar Renteria|Renteria
David Freese (Cardinals, 2011)|David Freese|Freese