Name Prime-Time's Top-Earning Men

Forbes recently published a list of the top-earning men in prime-time television. How many of their top 11 can you name in 3 minutes?

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Name Prime-Time's Top-Earning Men
Simon Cowell|Cowell
Donald Trump|Trump
Ryan Seacrest|Seacrest
Charlie Sheen|Sheen
Steve Carell|Steve Carrel|Carell|Carrel
Howie Mandel|Mandel
Kiefer Sutherland|Sutherland|Keifer Sutherland|Keifer Southerland|Sutherland|Southerland
Jeff Foxworthy|Foxworthy
Hugh Laurie|Laurie
David Caruso|Laurie
Patrick Dempsey|Dempsey