What the Hammacher Schlemmer is THAT thing?

If you're like me, you've often smiled in wonderment while thumbing through the pages of a Hammacher Schlemmer catalog. What on EARTH is that thing? Here are 10 photos of curious looking gadgets. Think you know what they're used for?

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The Best Heating/Cooling Pad Leg Wraps
The Circulation Improving Leg Wraps
None of the above
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The Personal Relaxation Coach
The Ultrasonic Dog Barking Deterrent
None of the above
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The Safest Pet Nail Clipper
The Best Beer Bottle Opener
None of the above
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The Best Foot and Toe Grip Strengthener
The Foot Circulation Improver
None of the above
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The Phototherapy Hairbrush
The Dermatologist's Sonic Facial Wand
None of the above
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The Ultimate Lie Detector
The Star Trek Internet Communicator
None of the above
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The Gyroscopic Dumbbell
The Jedi Mind Control Game
None of the above
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The "Keep Your Distance" Bug Vacuum
The Best Wall Dustbuster
None of the above
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The 40 Second Electric Toothbrush
The Best Venetian Blind Slat Cleaner
None of the above
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The Only Ultraviolet Dental Cleaner and Sanitizer
The Diamond Tipped Microdermabrasion System
None of the above