The Beverly Cleary Quiz

Due to our readers' violent demands (and by violent demands, we mean polite emails)—and for those of you who weren’t allowed to read Judy Blume—we've put together the ultimate Beverly Cleary quiz. How much do you remember about Ramona and the kids from Klickitat Street?

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Where did Ramona, Howie, Henry and the gang live?
Poughkeepsie, New York
Portland, Oregon
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
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How did Henry pay for his brand new red bicycle?
By selling chocolate cake at school
By selling beauty store coupons he had won
By mowing his Mr. Cardoza’s lawn
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What is Otis Spofford’s claim to fame?
His glow-in-the-dark shoelaces
His pet chicken
His colorful braces
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Which of the following was not an embarrassing Ramona moment?
Cracking a raw egg on her head at school
Throwing up in the middle of class
Having to read a love letter out loud to Jeremy Kidd
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What does “DEAR” stand for in Mrs. Whaley’s class?
Drop Everything And Read
Do Everything All Right
Don’t Eat Any Raisins
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What bad word did Ramona try to shock her family with?
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How does one play “brick factory,” Ramona and Howie’s favorite game?
Build a factory out of bricks
Pound bricks to dust
Throw bicks as far as you can in the yard
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What did Ramona name her favorite doll?
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What was the name of Beezus’s cat, may he rest in peace?
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Before becoming a famous author, what was Beverly Cleary's job?
University professor
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Who will play Mr. Quimby in Ramona & Beezus, which comes out in 2010?
Jason Lee
John Corbett
Steve Carell