The Animaniacs' Greatest Hits

The Animaniacs was always more than just a great cartoon. It provided some useful learning tools—Wakko singing the 50 states and their capitals certainly helped me on a few geography tests. How well do you remember the Animaniacs' great songs?

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Which of these lines is NOT in “The Presidents Song?”
James Monroe’s colossal nose was bigger than Pinocchio’s
William Harrison, how do you praise? That guy was dead in 30 days
James Garfield someone really hated. ‘Cause he was assassinated
After that it’s Howard Taft. You wouldn’t want him in your raft
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Which character gets their own music video based on a Beach Boys parody?
Hello Nurse in “Wouldn’t It Be Nurse?”
Rita and Runt in “Help Me Rita”
Slappy Squirrel in “Little Old Slappy from Pasadena”
Buttons and Mindy in “Pet Noises”
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Who teaches the Warners “Schnitzelbank,” the supposed international song of friendship?
Dr. Otto Scratchansniff
Otto Von Schnitzelpusskrankengescheitmeyer
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Hello Nurse
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Yakko reuses the tune from “Yakko’s World” when he tries to achieve what musical feat?
Singing a multiplication table
Singing every country’s capital
Singing every number from one to 1 million
Singing every word in the English language
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Although we’d all like to think that “Yakko’s World” is complete and names every country in the world, it actually excludes several and misnames others. Which of these countries did NOT make it into the classic song?
Marshall Islands
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In the hopes of answering the question everybody asks, the Animaniacs sung “What Are We?” In the end, the Warners decide that though they might be dogs, cats, bunnies, fleas, eels or any number of other creatures, they are clearly what?
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When singing about the planets, Yakko forgets one, which Wakko kindly points out at the end. Which one does Yakko leave out?
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In one episode, Yakko becomes the king of Anvilania. What song does he perform for the country’s citizens?
In The Name Of Anvils
Let The Anvils Ring
Good Vibrations
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According to the genius “Video Revue” song, what happened to “The Hand that Rocked the Cradle”?
It poked the “Goldeneye”
It played “The Piano”
It teamed up with “Hook”
It joined "The Addams Family"
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According to “Yakko’s Universe,” compared to the rest of the universe, what are humans?
“Little specks about the size of Mickey Rooney”
“No bigger than a flea”
“As inconsequential as math class”
“Little ants that could be squashed by ET”
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When Wakko performs all 50 states and their capitols, what tune does he set them to?
William Tell Overture
Turkey in the Straw
America the Beautiful
Old Dan Tucker
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While some lyrics in the Animaniacs theme song changed over the years, most notable the reference to Bill Clinton playing the sax, one line consistently changed almost every episode. What did that ever-changing line rhyme with?