Happy Festivus!

In December of 1997, Seinfeld introduced Festivus to the world. All these holiday seasons later it's still going strong, with books, parties, and poles popping up each year. How much do you remember about the episode that started it all?
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When Kramer hears Frank Costanza has invented a holiday, what does he say?
"He is wise!"
"He's so prolific!"
"That man has a fertile mind!"
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What actor plays the creepy guy at the OTB who later attends the Festivus celebration at the Costanzas?
Jack Black
Someone other than Jack Black
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During the Festivus episode, George discusses his potential as a philanthropist. Complete this sentence: "I think I could be a philanthropist. A kick a** philanthropist! I would have all this money and people would love me. Then they would come to me and beg! And if I felt like it, I would help them out and then they would owe me big time! The first thing I'm going to need is __________."
a butler
a driver
a nickname
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Where is George working when Frank & Kramer revive Festivus?
The New York Yankees
Kruger Industrial Smoothing
Play Now
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What bagel company did Kramer work for (and go on strike against)?
H&H Bagels
Bruegger's Bagels
The Bagelry
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Festivus at the Costanzas is not over until what happens?
George pins his dad during the Feats of Strength
All grievances have been aired
The third Festivus Miracle reveals itself
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What was Frank trying to do when the idea of Festivus popped into his head?
Tie a Christmas tree to the roof of his car
Buy a doll for young George Costanza
Find gifts for his co-workers
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According to Frank, how does the tradition of Festivus begin?
With the Airing of Grievances
With the Feats of Strength
With the Clanging of the Pole
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The Festivus pole is made of what metal?
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The idea for a Festivus episode came from which Seinfeld writer?
Dan O'Keefe, whose father invented Festivus in the mid-1960s.
Spike Feresten, who borrowed the idea from his roommate's family.
Larry David, who'd first pitched the idea of a fake holiday called Festivus on Saturday Night Live in the early 1980s.