The Letter People

If you're reading these words, it's possible that the Letter People are primarily responsible. What started out as a simple literacy program gradually morphed into a television program detailing the events in Letter People Land (later, The Land of the Letter People). Though the series was revised slightly in the '90s, elder readers may recall listening to Letter People programs on 8-tracks (yeah, 8-Tracks) or vinyl records. For today's quiz, we'll give you the character, but can you remember their original alliterative "characteristic"?

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Mister B

Beautiful Buttons
Blue Beret
Brown Blazer
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Mister T

Talkative Tongue
Tall Teeth
Tattle Tale
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Miss U

Useful Usury
Unhappy Underling
Upsy-Daisy Umbrella
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Mister M

Munching Mouth
Macho Man
Miserable Mumbles
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Mister L

Lemon Lollipops
Long Life
Loving Lisp
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Mister H

Horrific Halitosis
High Hat
Horrible Hair
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Mister G

Gooey Gum
Goofy Grimace
Graceful Gait
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Mister F

Friendly Face
Funny Feet
Furious Frown
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Miss E

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Mister D

Dark Demeanor
Delectable Dessert
Delicious Donuts
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Mister Z

Zipping Zippers
Zesty Zeppelin
Zany Zebras