Football Coaching Trees

Just like Socrates begat Plato, Plato begat Aristotle, and Aristotle begat Alexander the Great, many great football coaches had great mentors. How well do you know the branches of the various NFL coaching trees?

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Before becoming head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Bill Cowher was employed as a defensive coordinator under what coach?
Marty Schottenheimer
Chuck Noll
Jack Pardee
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Immediately before becoming head coach of the Washington Redskins, Joe Gibbs served as offensive coordinator under which coach?
Dick Vermeil
Bud Grant
Don Coryell
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Former New York Giants coach Jim Fassel had been an assistant under which legendary coach?
Bill Parcells
Bill Walsh
Jimmy Johnson
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Jeff Fisher is usually placed in the Bill Walsh coaching tree, because he served as an assistant to George Seifert in San Francisco. But under which head coach did Fisher begin his coaching career?
Dan Reeves
Lindy Infante
Mike Ditka
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Before he became head coach of the San Francisco 49ers (and Stanford Cardinal—twice), Bill Walsh served as offensive coordinator for 8 years under what coach?
Paul Brown
John Madden
Tom Landry
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Which Super Bowl-winning head coach did not cut his teeth as an assistant under Bill Parcells?
Tom Coughlin
Bill Belichick
Brian Billick
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Before becoming head coach of the Denver Broncos in 1995, Mike Shanahan won a Super Bowl as offensive coordinator under what coach?
Bill Walsh
George Seifert
Tom Flores
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The first NFL job held by Marvin Lewis was linebackers coach under what future Super Bowl-winning head coach?
Tom Coughlin
Bill Cowher
Bill Belichick
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Which future head coach was NOT on Mike Holmgren's staff when the Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl XXXI?
Jon Gruden
Andy Reid
Marty Mornhinweg
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Which highly regarded college coach was NOT on Bill Belichick's staff when he coached the Cleveland Browns?
Nick Saban (Alabama)
Kirk Ferentz (Iowa)
Greg Schiano (Rutgers)