The Bud Bowl Quiz

Throughout one of the greatest Super Bowl ad campaigns of all time, Bud and Bud Light met on the football field to decide the ruler of the cooler eight times. The Bud Bowl lives on as a marketing campaign, but the stop-motion bottles haven’t appeared in a Super Bowl ad in more than a decade. How well do you remember the stories and stars of the Bud Bowl?

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When was the first Bud Bowl?
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Bum Phillips (father of Wade) coached the Bud Light team in Bud Bowl VI. Who coached Bud?
Buddy Ryan
Mike Ditka
Jerry Glanville
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What celebrity was never featured in a Bud Bowl?
Paula Abdul
Corbin Bernsen
Howie Long
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What former MTV VJ teamed up with Ahmad Rashad to provide updates during Bud Bowl V?
Steve Isaacs
Karen "Duff" Duffy
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Who were the commentators for Bud Bowl I?
Bob Costas and Paul Maguire
John Madden and Pat Summerall
Marv Albert and Brent Musburger
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What was the nickname of Bud’s power back, The Freezer?
The Ice Man
The Appliance of Defiance
William Perry
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According to copywriter Grant Pace, how long did it take to create three seconds of actual footage using stop-motion animation techniques for the original Bud Bowl?
3 hours
6 hours
8 hours
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Who filled in for the injured Budway Joe to help lead Bud Light to a rousing 23-21 win in Bud Bowl 3?
Spuds MacKenzie
Bud Ice
Bud Dry
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Which of the following is not the name of a former Bud Bowl player?
Clyde S. Dale
The Aluminator
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Broadcast Arts, which did the stop-motion animation for the first Bud Bowl, also produced what popular television show?
Pee-wee's Playhouse
The Simpsons
Parker Lewis Can't Lose