Quiz Your Sillies Out

Since the 1970's, the music of Raffi Cavoukian has provided the soundtrack for most children's lives. From "Bananaphone" to "Shake my Sillies Out," a Raffi hit has assuredly touched a child's life. In honor of the great musician, we bring you a quiz about Raffi and his music.

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In the hit “Baby Beluga,” after asking if the water is warm, what does Raffi ask the whale?
Can I visit you in the sea?
Do you ever get scared in a storm?
Is your mama home with you so happy?
Together can we form a happy friendship?
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Which Raffi hit took on an unexpected second life when morning DJ’s Opie and Anthony used a sped-up version as a staple of their show?
Schmenge Polka
Slow Day
Shake My Sillies Out
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Which of these is not something Raffi will do in the song “Shake My Sillies Out?”
Clap his crazies out
Stomp his saddies out
Jump his jiggles out
Wiggle his waggles away
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As part of his belief of child-first philosophy, Raffi refuses to do all but which of the following?
Allow his music to be marketed directly to children
Take any commercial endorsement offers
Allow a film version of “Baby Beluga” because of its possible funding
Use a commercially available guitar, choosing to have them handmade instead
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According to one classic Raffi song, what can you do every hour at a quarter till between 12:45 and 4:45?
Dance around
Make a friend
Brush your teeth
Hug your mom
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Recently, Raffi has focused on his advocacy work, pushing his children-focused philosophy. What does he call this philosophy?
Kids First
Child Honouring
Good Luck Boys and Girls
World of Children
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In 1996, Raffi released a live album. What was the name of his backing band?
The Rise and Shine Band
The Raffettes
The Belugas
The Sillies
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In the early stages of his career, Raffi released two albums for adults. One was (obviously) “Adult Entertainment.” What was the name of the other?
Folk Hits of Ireland
Quiet Time
Corner Grocery Store
Good Luck Boy
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Which of the following is not the name of a Raffi album?
Pajama Party Time
Rise and Shine
Resisto Dancing - Songs of Compassionate Revolution
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According to his autobiography, why did Raffi refuse a deal to perform at Madison Square Garden?
His manager couldn’t arrange for the concert to be free
The Hall wouldn’t donate all ticket sales to the charity of his choosing
He had never been to New York City and was afraid about going there for the first time
The space would not be intimate enough for him to connect with children
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Though Raffi Cavoukian was born in Egypt, in what country did he grow up and claim nationality from?
The United States of America
Saudi Arabia
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What is the name given to the adults that grew up listening to Raffi music who now follow his message of sustainability and love?
Beluga Grads
Children of Mr. Sun
Children for Life