Name the 10 Best-Selling Movie Soundtracks

Can you name the nine top-selling film soundtracks in U.S. history (per the RIAA, as of Feb 2010)? We were going to ask you for the top ten, but since O Brother Where Art Thou and Grease are tied for tenth, let's see if you can name the nine soundtracks to sell more than those two. We're just looking for the names of the movies. You've got three minutes. Good luck!

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Name the 10 Best-Selling Movie Soundtracks
The Bodyguard (17 million)|The Bodyguard|Bodyguard
Saturday Night Fever (15 million)|Saturday Night Fever|Sat Night Fever
Purple Rain (13 million)|Purple Rain
Forrest Gump (12 million)|Forrest Gump|Forest Gump
Dirty Dancing (11 million)|Dirty Dancing
Titanic (11 million)|Titanic
The Lion King (10 million)|The Lion King|Lion King
Top Gun (9 million)|Top Gun
Footloose (9 million)|Footloose|Foot loose|Foot-loose