Sweet Valley High

They’re identically beautiful, a perfect size six, and always getting into trouble! No, we're not talking about the Jonas Brothers, we're talking about Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield! Get into your Fiat Spider and take a trip back in time to the lively, sunny and often horrifying town of Sweet Valley, California!

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What is the only physical difference between Jessica and Elizabeth?
Elizabeth is three inches shorter
Elizabeth has a beauty mark on her right shoulder
Jessica has dimples
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What was the name of the Sweet Valley High rock band?
The Dreams
The Dons
The Droids
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Bratty Lila Fowler went through a phase of:
Smoking in the bathroom
Stalking a soap star
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What is Rosa’s big secret in Rosa’s Lie?
She is a Mexican immigrant
She is Bulimic
She is dating Mr. Collins
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Which of the following was not a Sweet Valley spinoff?
Sweet Valley Kids
Sweet Valley Junior High
Sweet Valley Basketball Diaries
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How did Jessica convince Elizabeth to guest star with her on the hit soap opera The Young and the Beautiful?
She told Elizabeth her favorite actor, Rob Lowe, was in it
She got the Los Angeles Times to offer Liz her own column
She threatened to make a pass at Todd if she didn’t audition
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Todd Wilkins, Elizabeth’s boyfriend, is star of what team?
The basketball team
The badminton team
The tennis team
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What was the name of the cult Jessica joined?
The Good Friends
The Dark Ladies
The Youngins
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What is written on the license plate of Bruce Patman’s Porsche?
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What column does Elizabeth write for the school paper The Oracle?
“Eyes and Ears,” a gossip column
“I’m Listening,” an advice column
“Getting in,” a college application column
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Who won the Miss Teen Sweet Valley pageant?
The Beautiful Jessica, who did a terrific dance
The Feminist Elizabeth, who entered to protest the sexist pageant
The hearing impaired piano maestro, Sharon, who everyone felt bad for