Name That Sculpture

Sure, you probably recognize all of the sculptures in this quiz, but do you know their names? See if you can get all ten of these piece's real titles.

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The Bean
Cloud Gate
Warped World
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Lovers' Embrace
Apollo and Daphne
The Kiss
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Der Speyer
Character Head
Grinning Man
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Venus de Milo
Venus de Milan
Venus do Milo
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Boy and Nymph
Cupid and Psyche
Apollo and Daphne
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Mandolin and Clarinet
La Petite Chouette
Number 12
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Laocoon and his Sons
Hercules' Second Labor
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La Joute (The Battle)
La Fureur (The Fury)
Le Temple (The Temple)
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Jesus Carried Off The Cross
The Passion
The Deposition
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Statue of Atlas
The Weight of the World
Atlas' Labor