Who Has More?

Simple concept here! We give you two people, like Wil Wheaton or Rainn Wilson, and you answer the question “Who has more X?” In each question, X stands for a different theme/subject.

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more Time magazine cover stories?

Bill Clinton
George W. Bush
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more Facebook Fans?

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more Super Bowl rings?

"Mean Joe" Greene
Tom Brady
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more official studio albums?

(live albums don't count)

Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin
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more "Best Actress" Oscar nominations?

Katharine Hepburn
Meryl Streep
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more followers on Twitter?

Wil Wheaton
Rainn Wilson
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more money?

George Soros
Larry Page
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more franchises (worldwide)?

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more page results on Google?

"John Lennon"
"Paul McCartney"
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more SNL appearances as Musical Guest?