Frasier Before Frasier

Frasier debuted 20 years ago today, on September 16, 1993. But today's quiz focuses on Dr. Crane's life in Boston, before he headed west to conquer the radio psychology universe. How well do you remember Frasier before Frasier?

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Where did Frasier meet Diane Chambers?
At Goldenbrook Psychiatric Hospital, where she was a patient
At a stuffed animal convention
At a lecture on narcissism Frasier was giving at Harvard
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John Mahoney, who played Martin Crane on Frasier, appeared in a 1992 episode of Cheers. Whom did he play?
Sy Flembeck, jingle writer
Gus O'Malley, former owner of Cheers
Mr. Hoffmeyer, president of the brewery where Norm works as a beer taster
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While Frasier is no fan of his father's dog Eddie on Frasier, on Cheers he had a pup of his own. What was the dog's name?
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When Frasier ran Woody Boyd's campaign for City Council, what was the "meaningless slogan" he used on posters?
A New Voice
He's One of Us
He Makes Change
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Frasier was involved in multiple gun incidents on Cheers. Which of the following did NOT happen?
After he was left at the altar by Diane in Italy, Frasier returned to the U.S. and pulled a gun on Sam
Lilith's lover, the gun-toting Dr. Pascal, came looking for her at Cheers after she left the eco-pod
After Lilith left him, Frasier held a gun to his head in the pool room and threatened to pull the trigger
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Roughly how old was Frasier when he first appeared on Cheers in 1984?
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Frasier was all set to sing at Rebecca's wedding. Whom did Robin Colcord fly in to replace him?
Bobby Hatfield
Gordon Lightfoot
James Taylor
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In the 1991 Halloween episode, Lilith & Frasier got dressed up as Dr. Gabrielle Rosetti and his sister, Christina ("Our favorite figures from the pre-Raphaelite brotherhood.") Who was Freddie?
Roger Clemens
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While they were engaged, Frasier once paid Lilith this compliment at Cheers: "You know, it's uncanny my darling. There's not a room you step foot into where you're not the most beautiful person there." What was Lilith's response?
"That's deplorable sentence structure, Frasier."
"Your over-reliance on hyperbole is quite unappealing, Frasier."
"Look around, Frasier. That's hardly flattering."
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When asked at his bachelor party which woman he'd most like to spend one night with, Frasier initially says Lilith, then changes his answer. To what?
Loni Anderson
Joyce DeWitt
Kim Basinger
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On Frasier, Frasier's dad was a retired police officer. On Cheers, Frasier's dad was dead. What did Frasier tell the gang his father used to do for a living?
English professor
Research scientist
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Frasier's mother, Hester Crane, appeared in one episode of Cheers (in 1984). She later portrayed another famous TV character's mom. Which other role did she play?
Livia Soprano (Tony's mom)
Helen Seinfeld (Jerry's mom)
Beverly Harris (Roseanne's mom)
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Peri Gilpin, who played producer Roz Doyle on Frasier, appeared in a 1993 episode of Cheers. Whom did she play?
Rachel, a woman in Sam's sexual compulsives therapy group
Holly, a reporter covering Woody's campaign
Susan, the widow of the guy who bought Sam's Corvette