Kevin Costner's Baseball Career

Kevin Costner has had a long, full movie career. However, most of it has been spent with him in a baseball uniform. How much do you know about the many baseball-related movies Costner has starred in?

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Costner’s movie career started right off with baseball movies. What was Costner’s baseball-themed debut film?
Tiger Town
Bad News Bears
Chasing Dreams
The Natural
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Costner isn’t just a baseball nut in the movies. He also co-owns a minor-league team based in Zion, Illinois. What is the Coster-inspired name of the team?
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In what state is “Field of Dreams” set?
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Who is the baseball player in “Field of Dreams” who never recorded an at-bat in the majors, but is taken to the magical field by Costner?
Archibald “Moonlight” Graham
Terrence Mann
Eddie “Doc” McCoy
Howard Kinsella
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In “Field of Dreams,” the voice tells Costner to "ease his pain." Whose pain is the voice referring to?
His father's
His own
Shoeless Joe Jackson's
Terrence Mann's
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What baseball play does Costner call “fascist” in “Bull Durham”?
Fly balls
Home runs
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In his famous speech from “Bull Durham,” which of the following does Costner’s Crash Davis NOT believe in?
The soul
That Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone
Opening your presents Christmas morning rather than Christmas Eve
Shots of whiskey with no chaser
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What position does Costner play in “Bull Durham”?
First base
Right field
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For what team does Costner pitch a perfect game in “For the Love of the Game”?
New York Yankees
Cincinnati Reds
San Francisco Giants
Detroit Tigers
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As Costner got older, his baseball players did as well. In what movie did he portray a retired player?
Swing Vote
Rumor Has It
Tin Cup
The Upside of Anger