The Baby-sitters Club Quiz

In honor of Scholastic’s great idea to reissue The Baby-sitters Club series, let’s brush up on some Stoneybrook trivia so we're all prepared when we camp outside bookstores. When you're done, check out Stacy Conradt's Quick 10 on the books, and let us know what you think the girls are up to today.

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Where are the BSC headquarters located?
Kristy’s – because she is the club president
Claudia’s – because she has her own phone line
Jessi’s – Because she has a lot of junk food at home
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In Super Special #9, Starring the Baby-sitters Club, which play did Stoneybrook Middle school put on?
Peter Pan
A Streetcar Named Desire
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What life-long dream did Mallory achieve in Mallory and the Trouble with the Twins?
She rode a white horse
She got her ears pierced
She got an A on a math test
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What is Dawn most passionate about?
The environment
Rock music
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What is the name of the Brewer-Thomas family dog?
Little Kristy
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Which character did Ann M. Martin base on herself?
Mary Anne
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Who is Stacey’s favorite client?
Karen Brewer
Buddy Barret
Charlotte Johanssen
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Where is Mary Anne’s boyfriend Logan Bruno from?
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What are Mal and Jess not allowed to do as Junior Members of the BSC?
Babysit at night
Sit for more than 2 kids at once
Pick up kids from school
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How did Mallory try to fit in while visiting California?
She dyed her hair blond
She went surfing with older kids
She got an agent
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Whose hand writing is this?
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Who is Emily Michelle?
Kristy’s Vietnamese adopted baby sister
Mary Anne’s kitten
Stacey’s nemesis from New York
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What does Claudia like to read?
Peanuts comics
Nancy Drew mysteries
Cook books