Hey You Guys: A Goonies Quiz

Who doesn't love The Goonies? It's the quintessential action/adventure movie for kids and plenty of fun for everyone else. But how much do you know about the movie?

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In what state is the movie both set and shot?
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Which character plays the piano in One-Eyed Willie’s musical trap?
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What is the name of the pirate ship the Goonies discover?
The Amblin
The Sea Maiden
The Inferno
The Godfather
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When the Fratellis demand Chunk to tell them “everything,” which of the following does he not confess to?
Stealing his uncle’s toupee to play Moses in a play
Fake vomiting in a movie theater
Cheating on a third grade history exam
Eating all of the Tootsie Rolls out of his sister’s Halloween candy
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John Matuszak, who played Sloth, won two Super Bowls playing defensive end for what team?
Oakland Raiders
New York Giants
Kansas City Chiefs
Cleveland Browns
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What is Mouth’s actual first name?
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Where is Data’s family going to move to when their house is foreclosed?
New York City
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Why are the Goonies being forced out of their homes?
None of their parents can pay rent
A golf course is being built on the land
The entire town is being shut down because of reduced state funding
A condo developer is taking over
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According to one of Chunk's legendary lies, what pop star came to his house to use the bathroom (although he later backtracks and says it was the star's sister)?
Michael Jackson
Cyndi Lauper
Eddie Vedder
Jon Bon Jovi
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Though there has been talk of a sequel, so far the franchise only lives on in one form. What piece of media has the name “Goonies II?”
A musical
A concept album
A video game
A book