How Many TV Batman Villains Can You Name in 8 Minutes?

We've compiled a list of all the villains who appeared on the mid-sixties TV show Batman. This is a tough one, so we've put more time than usual on the clock. How many bad guys can you name in 8 minutes?

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How Many TV Batman Villains Can You Name in 8 Minutes?
Joker|The Joker
Penguin|The Penguin
Mr. Freeze|Mister Freeze
Catwoman|Cat Woman|Cat-woman
Egghead|Egg-head|Egg Head
Mad Hatter|The Mad Hatter
King Tut|KingTut
Riddler|The Riddler
Louie the Lilac|Louis the Lilac
Bookworm|The Bookworm
Siren|The Siren
Clock King|The Clock King
The Archer|Archer
The Black Widow|Black Widow
Colonel Gumm|Col. Gumm|Col Cumm
False Face|False-Face
Lord Fogg|Lord Ffogg
Ma Parker
Marsha, Queen of Diamonds|Queen of Diamonds|Marsha|The Queen of Diamonds
Minstrel|The Minstrel
Nora Clavicle
Sandman|The Sandman
Zelda the Great|Zelda
Puzzler|The Puzzler
Lola Lasagne
Dr. Cassandra|Doctor Cassandra
Olga, Queen of the Cossacks|Olga|Queen of the Cossacks|The Queen of the Cossacks|Queen of the Cosacks