Fictional Characters, Actual Colleges (Part 2)

It's time for another round of 'Fictional Characters, Actual Colleges,' where I give you a TV character and you tell me where he or she went to school. (See Part 1 here.) And if your alma mater has any famous fake alumni, let us know.

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Where did Elaine Benes (of Seinfeld) go to college?
Johns Hopkins University
Tufts University
Cornell University
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In medical school, Cristina Yang (of Grey's Anatomy) finished first in her class at what university?
Stanford University
University of Washington
University of Pennsylvania
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Where did Meadow Soprano (of The Sopranos) attend college?
Columbia University
Rutgers University
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Niles Crane (of Frasier) earn both his undergraduate and medical degrees at which school?
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Where did Rebecca Howe (of Cheers) get her degree?
Boston College
University of Connecticut
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Will and Grace (of Will & Grace) met at what school?
Columbia University
New York University
The New School
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On Happy Days, what school did Richie Cunningham attend?
Purdue University
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
University of Michigan
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At what school did Ryan Howard (of The Office) earn his MBA?
University of Phoenix
University of Scranton
Drexel University
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Where did Lisa Cuddy (of House) earn her undergraduate degree?
Princeton University
Oregon State University
University of Michigan
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In season two of 30 Rock, we learned Liz Lemon attended Bryn Mawr as a theater tech major. However, in season four, it's revealed that she received a (partial) competitive jazz dance scholarship to which school?
University of Maryland
Smith College
West Chester University