Name the 9 Poorest Presidents

In The Atlantic's recent rankings of all 43 presidents' net worth, nine former Commanders-in-Chief had fortunes under $1 million (in 2010 dollars). How many of those non-millionaires can you name in 2 minutes?

We're just looking for last names, though for Andrew Johnson, type "Andrew Johnson." Consider that your free space.

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Name the 9 Poorest Presidents
James Garfield|Garfield|James A. Garfield
Chester Arthur|Arthur|Chester A. Arthur
Woodrow Wilson|Wilson
Harry Truman|Truman
James Buchanan|Buchanan
Abraham Lincoln|Lincoln|Abe Lincoln|A. Lincoln
Andrew Johnson|A. Johnson
Ulysses Grant|Grant|Ulysses S. Grant|Ulysses S Grant
Calvin Coolidge|Coolidge|Cooledge