Who Has More - Part 2

Simple concept here! We give you two people, like Wil Wheaton or Rainn Wilson, and you answer the question “Who has more X?” In each question, X stands for a different theme/subject.

And if you missed Part 1 of this series, that can be found over here.

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more YouTube views?

Charlie from Charlie bit my finger - again !
Jud Laipply, Mr. Evolution of Dance
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"Listed" more times on Twitter?

ActuallyNPH (Neil Patrick Harris)
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more Facebook Fans?

Boston Red Sox
New York Yankees
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more Rolling Stone magazine covers?

Bob Dylan
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more Best Actor nominations?

Dustin Hoffman
Paul Newman
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more weeks at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts?

Beyoncé — "Irreplaceable" (2006)
Santana [featuring Rob Thomas] — "Smooth" (1999)
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more page results on Google?

"President Clinton"
"President Obama"
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more cameos on The Simpsons?

Stephen Hawking
Winona Ryder
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more World Series rings?

Yogi Berra
Babe Ruth
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more active army troops per capita?