Name that Animaniacs Character

The Animaniacs was my favorite cartoon growing up, but my love for the show went far beyond the title characters. I think I enjoyed the show more when the secondary characters were on screen. Can you name these 10 less-famous Animaniacs?

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The CEO of Warner Brothers
Miles Standish
Thaddeus Plotz
Barney Myer
Ralph Stinkbomb
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The security guard who can never seem to keep the Warners locked up in that water tower
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The hip hippos
Augusto and Minerva
Flavio and Marita
Ivan and Evita
Antoine and Yessica
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A chicken that manages to pass himself off as everything from a Civil War general to a ballet dancer
The Chicken-Man
Jack Chicken
Chicken Joe
Chicken Boo
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An alluring rodent whose sexy image often caused problems with censors
Minerva Mink
Marilyn Mink
Hello Nurse
Foxy Ferret
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The dog sworn to protect a toddler, even as she crawls through construction sites.
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Slappy Squirrel’s nemesis who can’t stop trying to defeat her in his old age, even once suing her.
Willis Coyote
Walter Wolf
Keiser Wolf
Heinous Hound
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A parody of Barney the Dinosaur that cannot be killed, even after being hit with multiple anvils
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The psychiatrist who said “Stop playing with my bust!”
Dr. Hans Gruberstein
Dr. Frued N. Slipp
Dr. Thaddeus Plotz
Dr. Otto Scratchnsniff
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The boss of the Goodfeathers who often needs a translator
Tweeto Corleone
The Godpigeon
Don Pigeon
Tony Sparrowno