Name the At-Risk Senators

Political types are gearing up for a big slate of races in November. There are 37 Senate seats up for grabs between terms ending and a number of senators retiring and dying. How many of the either outgoing or at-risk senators (anybody whose seat is up for grabs) can you name? Last names are all you need.

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Name the At-Risk Senators
Richard Shelby|Shelby
Lisa Murkowski|Murkowski
Blanche Lincoln|Lincoln
John McCain|McCain
Barbara Boxer|Boxer
Michael Bennet|Bennet
Chris Dodd|Dodd
Ted Kaufman|Kaufman
Mike Crapo|Crapo
Sam Brownback|Brownback
Byron Dorgan|Dorgan
Tom Coburn|Coburn
Jim DeMint|DeMint
John Thune|Thune
Robert Bennett|Bennett
Johnny Isakson|Isakson
Charles Grassley|Grassley|Chuck Grassley
David Vitter|Vitter
Richard Burr|Burr
George LeMieux|LeMieux
Roland Burris|Burris
Evan Bayh|Bayh
Jim Bunning|Bunning
Chris Bond|Bond
Harry Reid|Reid
Judd Gregg|Gregg
George Voinovich|Voinovich
Arlen Specter|Specter
Patty Murray|Murray
Russ Feingold|Feingold
Carte Goodwin|Goodwin|Robert Byrd|Byrd
Daniel Inouye|Inouye
Barbara A. Mikulski|Mikulski
Kirsten Gillibrand|Gillibrand
Charles Schumer|Chuck Schumer|Schumer
Ron Wyden|Wyden
Patrick Leahy|Leahy