FORE! The Golf Quiz

Long before Tiger Woods and Michelle Wie came on the scene, golf was already a very popular sport here in the U.S. and across the pond in the U.K. See how well you know the sport by taking a swing through our golf quiz now!

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What is a mulligan?
One stroke under Par
A free shot, usually hit after a bad one
One stroke over Par
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Who won an incredible 8 PGA tournaments in 1974?
Johnny Miller
Arnold Palmer
Gary Player
Jack Nicklaus
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Each year, the winner of The Masters gets a jacket. What color is it?
Shamrock green
Navy blue
Baby blue
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Why did Bing Crosby often wear clashing colors on the golf course?
For good luck
He was color blind
It is a tradition in his family
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Who was offered a contract in 1913 by National League Philadelphia baseball team?
Bobby Jones
Gene Sarazen
Walter Hagen
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If you’ve hit a ball “stony” is this good or bad?
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If your tee shot rests against the flag stick and your ball falls into the hole when the flag is removed, what’s the ruling?
Two strokes
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According to Guinness, what is the most strokes ever taken on a single par 3 hole?
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Which major championship did Arnold Palmer never win?
The Open Championship
Masters Tournament
U.S. Open
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If a player’s club hits the ball more than once in a single stroke, what is the ruling?
1 stroke penalty plus original stroke
Do over
2 stroke penalty plus original stroke
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How old was the youngest boy to make a hole-in-one?
12 years old
10 years old
15 years old
6 years old
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The wooden golf tee was invented by George Grant in what year?
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Three strokes under Par is called what?
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What is the version of golf called in which players competing for prize money on each individual hole?
Double down