The Conference Affiliations Quiz

Conference alignment was the hot college football news this summer as the Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-10, and Mountain West reshuffled their membership. It was hardly the first time schools have bounced from conference to conference, though. How well do you know the history of conference affiliations? Take our (tough) quiz to see!

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In 1991, the ACC expanded from eight to nine teams. What school did it add to its ranks?
Georgia Tech
Florida State
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Which of these schools was NOT a charter member of the SEC when it formed in 1932?
Georgia Tech
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Penn State joined the Big Ten in 1990. In what conference had the Nittany Lions been playing?
Big East
Big Eight
They were independent.
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The Big Ten traces its roots all the way back to 1896, and until 1946 it included academic powerhouse the University of Chicago. After U. of C. left the conference, it was known as the Big 9 until it added what school in 1950?
Michigan State
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Which of these schools was never a member of the defunct Southwest Conference, which dissolved in 1996?
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South Carolina joined the SEC in 1991. What conference did the Gamecocks leave to make the jump?
Big East
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The University of Arizona and Arizona State were both members of what conference from 1962 until 1978?
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Cincinnati was a founding member of Conference USA when the league set up shop in 1995. In what conference had the Bearcast been playing at the time?
Big East
Great Midwest
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The Mountain West Conference formed with eight charter members in 1999. Seven of these eight founding members came from what existing conference?
Sun Belt
Big Sky