The Apple of my i

Please note that the photos I've selected don't always represent the products in question! That said, let's see how well you know your Apple history and products.

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True or False: Apple invented the computer mouse and shipped the first one with its Macintosh.
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What is the relationship of Mona Simpson to Steve Jobs?
She handles all his PR.
She is his daughter.
She is and has been his executive assistant since the beginning.
She is his biological younger sister.
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The iPod Mini was replaced by what?
iPod Nano
iPod Photo
iPod Shuffle
iPod Touch
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What computer are we looking at here:
iBook and iBook Dock
PowerBook Duo and Duo Dock
PowerBook Duo and Mini Dock
PowerBook Duo and Micro Dock
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Which Pixar character made use of the Mac start up sound?
Buzz Lightyear
Lightning McQueen
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True or false: The famous Mac start up sound heard here was first used by Apple in 1991 on their Quadra 700 computer:
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Which number iPod was released between the other two? (Again, released 2nd of the three models. Also note: my numbers don't necessarily correspond to Apple's numbers):
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Of the following three Apple computers, which was released between the other two? (i.e. which came 2nd?)
Apple II
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Apple used to be known as Apple Computer. In what year did they lose the "computer"?
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The famous apple logo, designed in 1977, has a bite taken out of it so that people don't mistake the apple for a tomato or another fruit. Who designed the logo?
Steve Jobs
Rob Janoff
Steve Wozniak
Ronald Wayne