Name the 2010 MLB Stat Leaders

As Roy Halladay so impressively reminded us last night, the MLB Playoffs are upon us. That means it's the perfect time to take a look back at the 2010 season. We'll give you a stat, you choose the player or team that led their league or all of baseball in that category.

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MLB Home Runs

Josh Hamilton
Albert Pujols
Jose Bautista
Paul Konerko
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MLB 1-run victories (by team)

San Francisco Giants
Minnesota Twins
New York Yankees
Colorado Rockies
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MLB Complete Games

Carl Pavano
Felix Hernandez
Ubaldo Jimenez
Roy Halladay
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NL Stolen Bases

Jose Reyes
Michael Bourn
Hunter Pence
Nyjer Morgan
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AL At Bats

Ichiro Suzuki
Derek Jeter
Denard Span
Michael Young
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NL Doubles

Martin Prado
Carlos Gonzalez
Ryan Braun
Jason Werth
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NL Strikeouts

Ubaldo Jimenez
Tim Lincecum
Roy Halladay
Cole Hamels
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MLB Hit by Pitch

Prince Fielder
Rickie Weeks
Shin-Soo Choo
Carlos Quentin
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AL Triples

Denard Span
Michael Cuddyer
Austin Jackson
Carl Crawford
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NL Wins

Adam Wainwright
Roy Halladay
Ubaldo Jimenez
Tim Lincecum
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Miguel Cabrera
Josh Hamilton
Delmon Young
Jose Bautista
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AL Runs Scored (by team)

New York Yankees
Tampa Bay Rays
Texas Rangers
Boston Red Sox