The 25th Anniversary Teen Wolf Quiz

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Teen Wolf. To celebrate, here's a quiz about the cable TV staple that featured the most improbable high school basketball team of all-time.

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When Coach Finstock is questioned about the less-than-successful performance of his Beavers players against the superior Dragons team in the first basketball game, to what does he attribute the Dragons’ dominance?
Their height
Their eyesight
Their sneakers
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What is Boof's real name?
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What is the name of the straight-out-of-central-casting 80s “villain” that dates Pamela and is the star basketball player for the Dragons (not to mention Scotty’s archrival)?
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What does the tee shirt Stiles wears to the spring dance read?
Time to Make the Donuts
Wolf Buddy
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What is Coach Finstock’s philosophy about sports?
It doesn’t matter how you play the game, it’s whether you win or lose.
Winning and losing are pretty much the same, except for which side you end up on.
Today's winners are tomorrow's losers.
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Which character coins the term “Teen Wolf” in the movie?
Coach Finstock
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When Scotty first learns of his, umm, unique condition, he tells his father that he has “problems,” besides his genetically anomalous werewolfism. Which of these things does he not cite as one of his “problems”?
An egg allergy
An illogical fear of clowns
A bad outside hook shot
A $6 haircut
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How does Pamela Wells dismissively respond when Scotty asks her at the house party if she’s “looking for anyone in particular?”
"Anyone else."
"A man."
"Not you."
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What does Scotty demand of the cashier at Tony’s Liquor when his wolf-rage kicks in?
The money in the register
A keg of beer
A case of vodka
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What type of store does Scotty Howard’s father Harold own?
Hardware store
Grocery store
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Which of the following actors reprised their role in the 1987 sequel Teen Wolf Too?
Jay Tarses as Coach Bobby Finstock
James Hampton as Harold Howard
Jerry Levine as Stiles