Who You Gonna Call: A Ghostbusters Quiz

Of course you know the tagline phrase, "Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!" But how much do you really remember about the movie? Let's find out.

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Two of the cast members were also the main screenwriters. They were:
Dan Akroyd & Bill Murray
Rick Moranis & Bill Murray
Bill Murray & Sigourney Weaver
Harold Ramis & Dan Akroyd
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In the sequel, what is Egon Spengler investigating at the start of the film?
Psychoactive drugs
The telepathic abilities of animals
Human emotions
The validity of self-proclaimed psychics
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Who wrote and performed the Ghostbusters' Theme Song?
Ray Parker Jr.
Stevie Wonder
Michael Jackson
Bobby Brown
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Which celebrity did not make a cameo in the Ghostbusters films?
Casey Kasem
Donald Trump
Larry King
Cheech Marin
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What was the original form Gozer was planned to take before model Slavitza Jovan was chosen for the role?
One of the Ghostbusters
Adolph Hitler
Grace Jones
Paul Reubens
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Which government agency is responsible for shutting down the containment system?
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Who is the building designer of 55 Central Park West, according to the movie?
Igor Shandler
Igmov Chandler
Ivo Shandor
Ego Shindler
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Which famous actor declined the role of Winston Zeddimore?
Eddie Murphy
Will Smith
Samuel L. Jackson
Chris Rock
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What was the original setting of Ghostbusters that was shot down for budgetary reasons?
Different time periods in history
The Titanic
Salem, Massachusetts
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Which appliance dances to the song "Higher and Higher" after being filled with pink slime?
A mixer
A toaster
A blender
A coffee maker