Pigskin Celluloid

Football films have been created in several genres: Raucous comedies, inspirational stories, school-age struggles, even family-fun fare. This quiz challenges you to name the top 20 highest-grossing (U.S.) films that focus on the sport of American football. Films that touch on the sport but are not about football (think Jerry Maguire, Heaven Can Wait, Black Sunday) are NOT included. You've got 10 minutes, and the clock starts with your first entry.

Score a TD and PAT (7 points) or better and you're a winner. Good luck!

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Pigskin Celluloid
The Blind Side|Blind Side
The Waterboy|Waterboy|The Water Boy|Water Boy
The Longest Yard|Longest Yard
Remember the Titans
Any Given Sunday
Friday Night Lights|The Friday Night Lights
Varsity Blues|The Varsity Blues
Radio|The Radio
The Replacements|Replacements
We Are Marshall
Gridiron Gang|Grid Iron Gang|The Gridiron Gang|The Grid Iron Gang
Semi-Tough|SemiTough|Semi Tough
Leatherheads|Leather Heads
Wildcats|Wild Cats
Necessary Roughness
North Dallas Forty|North Dallas 40
The Program|Program