Talk Show Flops

Conan O'Brien's new talk show premieres next week. While it remains to be seen whether Conan will live up to the months of hype, the show will probably enjoy a lot more success than these failed celebrity gabfests.

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Despite being a complete disaster, this comedian's short-lived 1999 talk show was the birthplace of a portly, exuberant character named Jiminy Glick – who went on to host a Comedy Central talk show of his own.
Dana Carvey
Jon Lovitz
Martin Short
Billy Crystal
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What reality TV star conducted interviews in a bed on-stage during their one season-long talk show run?
Anna Nicole Smith
Omarosa Manigault
Richard Hatch
Sharon Osbourne
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What famous radio DJ and creator of the novelty song "Disco Duck" had his own talk show in 1990 called Into the Night?
Rick Dees
Casey Kasem
Shadoe Stevens
Dr. Demento
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Before going on to greater fame as Jason Seaver on Growing Pains, Alan Thicke briefly hosted an awful 1980's talk show. What was its corny name?
In the Thicke of Things
Thicke & Rich
Thicke of the Night
Laying It on Thicke
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Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher often lived up to its name. About what current events story did Maher make the controversial comments that ultimately led to the show's cancellation?
USS Cole bombing
The Anthrax attacks
The Bush v. Gore Supreme Court case
September 11th terrorist attacks
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What female comedian and former guest host on The Tonight Show permanently damaged her good relationship with Johnny Carson in 1986 by starting a talk show of her own on Fox?
Joan Rivers
Roseanne Barr
Paula Poundstone
Phyllis Diller
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In 1993, just one week before former Saturday Night Live writer Conan O'Brien took over Late Night on NBC, another former SNL comedian started his own talk show on Fox. The show lasted only 5 weeks. Who was the host?
Dan Aykroyd
Christopher Guest
Chevy Chase
Jane Curtain
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Among the many blunders committed by The Pat Sajak Show was allowing this right-wing personality to serve as guest host, resulting in wide-spread heckling from the audience when he veered into a discussion on abortion.
Pat Robertson
Pat Buchanan
G. Gordon Liddy
Rush Limbaugh
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Magic Johnson's 1998 talk show is legendary for its host's awkward, uncomfortable style and complete lack of interviewing skill. What was the show called?
The Magic Hour
Magic Happens
1-on-1 with Magic Johnson
Magic on the Air
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What Hall of Fame tennis star hosted an ill-fated CNBC talk show that earned a 0.0 Nielsen rating on more than one occasion?
Jimmy Connors
Pete Sampras
Martina Navratilova
John McEnroe
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In 2009, HBO replaced departing host Bob Costas with Fox play-by-play man Joe Buck. The show quickly went south in the first episode when what controversial comedian repeatedly used obscene language, threatened to light up a cigarette onstage, and told the host: "You're out of your league, Buck. Stick to play-by-play."?
Andrew Dice Clay
Lisa Lampanelli
Artie Lang
Sarah Silverman
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What puppet character hosted a talk show with Ed McMahon serving as sidekick and announcer?
Kermit the Frog
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog
Lamb Chop