Original or Sequel

Ten films in this one. If you're taking the quiz at the office, turn down the volume. Even without it, you should be able to figure out if the clip is from the original or the/one of the sequels.

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Original: Revenge of the Nerds
Sequel: Revenge of the Nerds II
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Original: The Godfather
Sequel: The Godfather Part II
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Original: National Lampoon's Vaction
Sequel: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
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Original: The Land Before Time
Sequel: The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure
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Original: Star Trek (The Motion Picture)
Sequel: Star Trek, The Wrath of Khan
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Original: X-Men
Sequel: X-Men 2
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Original: Toy Story
Sequel: Toy Story 2
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Original: Mad Max
Sequel: Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
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Original: Superman
One of the Sequels
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Original: The Bourne Identity
Sequel: One of the other Bourne movies