One GIANT Quiz

Here's a fun hodgepodge of "giant" related trivia. See how well you make out!

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The Giant Eagle supermarket chain is in all the following states except one. Which one?
West VA
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Jack the Giant Killer is a fairy tale sometimes associated with what other fairy tale?
The Valiant Little Tailor
The Golden Ass
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What Senator from Illinois was nicknamed "the Little Giant"?
Barack Obama
Stephen A. Douglas
Abraham Lincoln
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What company puts out Green Giant vegetables?
General Mills
Nabisco Brands
Kraft Foods
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Which one of the following albums was NOT put out by the band Gentle Giant? (Careful: we might have altered some of them!)

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The film Giant staring Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson and James Dean was released in 1956. Was this before or after James Dean was killed?
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The Giant Food supermarket chain is in all these states except one. Which one?
Washington DC
New Jersey
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What is André the Giant's full real name?
René Roussimoff
André René Roussimoff
Dédé Roussimoff
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Which one of the following people were never in the band They Might Be Giants?
John Flansburgh
John Linnell
Marty Beller
William Pearson
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In what year did the New York Giants become the San Francisco Giants?
After the 1957 season
After the 1956 season
After the 1955 season
After the 1959 season
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The New York Giants football team is in which division? (Don't forget, they play in NJ, not NY!)
AFC North
NFC North
NFC East
AFC East