The "Home Alone Came Out 20 Years Ago?!?!" Quiz

How has your memory of Kevin McCallister's antics held up over the last two decades? Take our quiz to see!

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What's the name of the cousin Kevin doesn't want to sleep with because he always wets the bed?
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Harry and Marv are better known by what moniker?
The Santa Burglars
The Wet Bandits
The Christmas Crooks
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Kevin's mom hitches a ride with Gus Polinski (John Candy) and his polka band. What's the name of the band?
The Sheboygan Swingers
The Kenosha Kickers
The Milwaukee Polka Kings
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What item does Kevin accidentally shoplift during his errands?
Plastic army men
A toothbrush
A blowtorch
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According to Buzz, Old Man Marley is better known as:
The South Bend Shovel Slayer
The Southside Salt Strangler
The Winnetka Kid Killer
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To what city has the rest of the family traveled while Kevin stays home alone?
New York
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What song does Kevin sing to himself in the mirror before putting on aftershave?
"White Christmas"
"Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer"
"Winter Wonderland"
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Finish this quote: "Buzz, your girlfriend..."
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What toppings are on Kevin's ideal pizza?
Plain cheese
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Which of the burglars ends up taking an iron to the face?
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What gangster movie does Kevin use to ward off the bandits and the pizza guy?
Angels with Dirty Wings
Angels with Greasy Fingers
Angels with Filthy Souls
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Which of Macaulay Culkin's siblings appeared in the film?
Kieran Culkin
Rory Culkin
Quinn Culkin