Dog Day Afternoon: The 35th Anniversary Quiz

Earlier this year, the classic bank robbery movie Dog Day Afternoon celebrated its 35th anniversary. Let's see how well you remember the exploits of Sonny (Al Pacino) and Sal (John Cazale) in their ill-fated holdup attempt.

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In what borough of New York City does the bulk of the film's action take place?
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The film won the Academy Award for Writing – Original Screenplay and received nominations for a slew of other Oscars. Who received a nod for Best Supporting Actor?
John Cazale
Chris Sarandon
Charles Durning
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John Cazale only appeared in films that were nominated for the Best Picture Oscar before his untimely death. Which of these films was NOT part of that amazing streak?
The Deer Hunter
The Conversation
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Who directed the film?
Martin Scorsese
Sidney Lumet
William Friedkin
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What future sci-fi TV star played the FBI agent who drives the robbers and hostages to the airport?
Lance Henriksen
David Duchovny
Patrick Stewart
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When Sonny asks Sal if there's any country he wants to go to, what deadpan response does Sal give?
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John Wojtowicz, the bank robber who provided the basis for Pacino's character, Sonny, later renounced the film to the New York Times. Why?
He claimed he was innocent.
He claimed Pacino was too ugly to play him.
He claimed the film was only 30 percent true.
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What happens to Sonny and Sal's third partner at the beginning of the film?
He's shot by a guard
He gets stuck in traffic
He runs away
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When Sonny sees the strength of the force that the police have assembled against him and Sal, what word does he start screaming to the crowd?
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P.F. Kluge's magazine story "The Boys in the Bank" inspired the film by recounting a real bank robbery from August 1972. In what magazine did that piece originally run?
The New Yorker