Name the Major Sports Franchises Without Titles

There are 14 NFL teams that have never won a Super Bowl; 13 current NBA franchises have never won the NBA title; 8 Major League Baseball teams haven't won the World Series; and 13 NHL clubs have never won the Stanley Cup. How many of those 48 lovable losers can you name in 8 minutes?

Notes: We'll accept either nickname or city + nickname. We're not counting American Basketball Association titles or NFL Championships before the first Super Bowl. If a franchise moved after winning a title, they've still won for our purposes (example: the Sacramento Kings won the 1950-51 NBA title as the Rochester Royals).

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Name the Major Sports Franchises Without Titles
Atlanta Falcons (NFL)|Atlanta Falcons|Falcons
Carolina Panthers (NFL)|Carolina Panthers|Panthers
Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)|Philadelphia Eagles|Eagles
Arizona Cardinals (NFL)|Arizona Cardinals|Cardinals
Houston Texans (NFL)|Houston Texans|Texans
San Diego Chargers (NFL)|San Diego Chargers|Chargers
Cleveland Browns (NFL)|Cleveland Browns|Browns
Cincinnati Bengals (NFL)|Bengals|Cincinnati Bengals
Seattle Seahawks (NFL)|Seattle Seahawks|Seahawks
Tennessee Titans (NFL)|Tennessee Titans|Titans
Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL)|Jacksonville Jaguars|Jaguars
Buffalo Bills (NFL)|Buffalo Bills|Bills
Detroit Lions (NFL)|Detroit Lions|Lions
Minnesota Vikings (NFL)|Minnesota Vikings|Vikings
Orlando Magic (NBA)|Orlando Magic|Magic
New Jersey Nets (NBA)|New Jersey Nets|Nets|NJ Nets
Toronto Raptors (NBA)|Toronto Raptors|Raptors
Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA)|Cavaliers|Cleveland Cavaliers|Cavs
Utah Jazz (NBA)|Utah Jazz|Jazz
Memphis Grizzlies (NBA)|Grizzlies|Memphis Grizzlies
Denver Nuggets (NBA)|Nuggets|Denver Nuggets
Los Angeles Clippers (NBA)|Los Angeles Clippers|Clippers|LA Clippers
Phoenix Suns (NBA)|Phoenix Suns|Suns
Charlotte Bobcats (NBA)|Charlotte Bobcats|Bobcats
San Diego Padres (MLB)|Padres|San Diego Padres
Tampa Bay Rays (MLB)|Tampa Bay Rays|Tampa Bay Devil Rays|Devil Rays|Rays|DevilRays|Tampa Rays
Washington Nationals (MLB)|Nationals|Washington Nationals
Texas Rangers (MLB)|Rangers|Texas Rangers
Houston Astros (MLB)|Astros|Houston Astros
Colorado Rockies (MLB)|Rockies|Colorado Rockies
Milwaukee Brewers (MLB)|Brewers|Milwaukee Brewers
Seattle Mariners (MLB)|Mariners|Seattle Mariners
Winnipeg Jets (formerly Atlanta Thrashers, NHL)|Atlanta Thrashers|Thrashers|Winnipeg Jets|Winnipeg|Jets
Buffalo Sabres (NHL)|Sabres|Buffalo Sabres
Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL)|Blue Jackets|Columbus Blue Jackets
Florida Panthers (NHL)|Panthers|Florida Panthers
Los Angeles Kings (NHL)|Kings|Los Angeles Kings|LA Kings
Minnesota Wild (NHL)|Wild|Minnesota Wild
Nashville Predators (NHL)|Predators|Nashville Predators
Phoenix Coyotes (NHL)|Phoenix Coyotes|Coyotes
San Jose Sharks (NHL)|Sharks|San Jose Sharks
St. Louis Blues (NHL)|St Louis Blues|St. Louis Blues|Blues|Saint Louis Blues
Washington Capitals (NHL)|Capitals|Washington Capitals|Capitols
Minnesota Timberwolves (NBA)|Timberwolves|Timberwolves
Indiana Pacers (NBA)|Indiana Pacers|Pacers
New Orleans Hornets (NBA)|Hornets|New Orleans Hornets
Vancouver Canucks (NHL)|Vancouver Canucks|Canucks
Ottawa Senators (NHL Expansion Team That Began Play in 1992)|Ottawa Senators|Senators