The Magic 8-Ball Quiz

Since its invention shortly after the end of World War II, the "Magic 8-Ball" has entertained millions with its predictions. The device's 20 answers are housed on triangular sides of a 20-sided die properly known as an icosahedron.

One of the answers simply says "YES," but the others are more descriptive. Given 10 minutes, how many of the 19 remaining "magic" answers can you name? Good luck!

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The Magic 8-Ball Quiz
As I see it, yes|As I see it - yes|As I see it yes
Better not tell you now
Cannot predict now
Concentrate and ask again|Concentrate & ask again
Don't count on it|Dont count on it
It is certain
It is decidedly so
Most likely
My reply is no
Outlook good
Outlook not so good
Reply hazy, try again|Reply hazy - try again|Reply hazy try again
Signs point to yes
Very doubtful
Without a doubt
My sources say no
Yes - definitely|Yes, definitely|Yes definitely
Ask again later
You may rely on it