This Rocky IV Quiz Must Break You

Last month marked the 25th anniversary of the time Rocky Balboa effectively won us the Cold War by defeating Ivan Drago in Moscow. How well do you remember Rocky IV? Let's find out.

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What singer performed as part of Apollo’s ring entrance in his exhibition match against Drago?
Diana Ross
Aretha Franklin
James Brown
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Finish this Ivan Drago quote: “If he dies…”
"...he dies."
"...that's life."
"...I've broken him."
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What does Rocky get Paulie for his birthday?
A Great Dane
A robot
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Which of the following is NOT part of Rocky’s Soviet training montage?
Running with a log on his shoulders
Chopping down trees
Dragging a Soviet car
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Which character delivered this line: “And when he died a part of me died. But now you're the one”?
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Which character says, "He is not human. He is a piece of iron."
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What is the outcome of the Rocky-Drago fight?
Rocky wins by unanimous decision
Rocky wins by split decision
Rocky knocks out Drago
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What longtime boxing personality reprised his role as the boxing commentator for Rocky’s matches?
Bert Sugar
Howard Cosell
Stu Nahan
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What Survivor single off of this soundtrack his #2 on the pop charts in February 1986?
"Eye of the Tiger"
"Burning Heart"
"American Heartbeat"