The Nintendo Sequel Quiz

If you or your kid played a healthy amount of video games in the 1980s and 1990s, the titles in this quiz should be familiar. But what about their sequels? Do you remember what they were called? Let's find out.

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What was the name of Castlevania II?
Simon's Quest
Dracula's Quest
No subtitle—it was just Castlevania II
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What was the name of Track & Field II?
The Barcelona Games
Dan vs. Dave
No subtitle—it was just Track & Field II
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What was the subtitle of Ikari Warriors II?
Victory Road
Immortal Fight
The Jungle
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A Kid Icarus Game Boy sequel was released in 1991 as well. What did they call it?
The Sacred Bow
Of Myths and Monsters
No subtitle—it was just Kid Icarus II
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Metroid II was released for the Game Boy in 1991. What was it called?
The Hunt for Justin Bailey
Return of Samus
The Battle for Zebes
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Although IMDb lists Top Gun 2 as "in development" with a 2013 release date, there was a Nintendo Entertainment System sequel back in 1989. What was it called?
The Second Mission
Danger Zone
Maverick's Quest
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What did they call Bases Loaded II?
Championship Edition
Second Season
Playoff Action
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What's the name of Ninja Gaiden 2?
Lord of Evil
The Shield of Death
The Dark Sword of Chaos
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What was the 1990 NES Contra sequel called?
Super C
Contra '90
Hard Corps
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What did they call the 1990 Skate or Die sequel?
New Tricks
Downhill Jam
The Search for Double Trouble