The Doug Quiz

We've tackled Pete & Pete and Hey Arnold, so we're continuing our quizzical trip through Nickelodeon classics with a look at Doug. How much do you remember about the Funnie family and the residents of Bluffington?

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Who of the following was not a member of the Funnie family?
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When Doug turns 12 (coincidentally when the show switched to the Disney), what happens to the Honker Burger?
It becomes a French restaurant called Chez Honque
It becomes a Mexican restaurant called El Honque Taco
It becomes Honker Pizza
It becomes a seedy nightclub called Late Nite Honkers
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Doug made his theatrical debut in “Doug’s First Movie.” Was there ever a second?
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In “Doug’s First Movie,” Patti and Doug name the monster of Lucky Duck Lake after what famous author?
Mary Shelley
Elmore Leonard
Herman Melville
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Who defeats Bob White in his reelection bid for mayor of Bluffington?
Theda Funnie
Tippingdale Dink
Beebe Bluff
Coach Spitz
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In the original opening introduction, how did Patti appear?
Swinging in on a rope
Jumping in from the corner
Walking on a tightrope
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In addition to playing rock guitar and bullying, what secret talent did Doug’s enemy Roger have?
High jump
Celebrity impressions
Watercolor painting
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What color was Patti Mayonnaise?
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Who is Doug’s favorite band?
The What
Steel Blimp
The Beets
The Rollers
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If Doug’s superhero alter ego Quailman wasn’t able to conquer a villain using the powers of patience, intelligence or speed, what would he resort to?
High-pitched screaming
Powerful Punches
A laser shot from his eyes
Getting help from Quaildog
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After airing for four years on Nickelodeon, Disney picked up Doug. Before settling on the title “Disney’s Doug,” what did the channel name their run of episodes?
Brand Spanking New Doug
Doug Redux
Return to Bluffington
Douggier Than Ever
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Who is the most popular student at Bluffington School?
Doug Funnie
Skeeter Valentine
Chalky Studebaker
Connie Benge