Name the Opening Day Starters

Happy opening day! This is the golden day where everybody's got a shot to supplant the Giants as World Series champion. Even the Royals! In honor of the start of the Major League Baseball season, can you name the opening day starters for all 30 teams in 5 minutes?

Last names only, unless you're looking for one of the Hernandez starters. Then we'll need a first name.

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Name the Opening Day Starters
Lowe|Derek Lowe
Verlander|Justin Verlander
Sabathia|CC Sabathia|C.C. Sabathia
Gallardo|Yovani Gallardo
Volquez|Edinson Volquez
Weaver|Jered Weaver
Hochevar|Luke Hochevar
Stauffer|Tim Stauffer
Carpenter|Chris Carpenter
Lincecum|Tim Lincecum
Kershaw|Clayton Kershaw
Myers|Brett Myers
Halladay|Roy Halladay
Correia|Kevin Correia
Dempster|Ryan Dempster
Buehrle|Mark Buehrle
Carmona|Fausto Carmona
Lester|Jon Lester
Wilson|CJ Wilson|C.J. Wilson
Kennedy|Ian Kennedy
Jimenez|Ubaldo Jimenez
Pavano|Carl Pavano
Romero|Ricky Romero
Guthrie|Jeremy Guthrie
Price|David Price
Pelfrey|Mike Pelfrey
Johnson|Josh Johnson
Cahill|Trevor Cahill
Livan Hernandez
Felix Hernandez