The '86 Mets 25th Anniversary Quiz

It might be a rebuilding year for the New York Mets — and the year 48-year-old Bobby Bonilla goes back on the payroll, getting $1,193,248.20 every July 1 until 2035. But 2011 marks the 25th anniversary of the great '86 Mets. How much do you remember about one of the more famous teams in recent baseball history?

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In Game Six of the ’86 World Series, Mookie Wilson hit the ball that led to Bill Buckner's famous error. Which player crossed home plate to score the game-winning run?
Ray Knight
Rafael Santana
Howard Johnson
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Which Met pitcher recorded three wins in the 1986 postseason?
Dwight Gooden
Ron Darling
Jesse Orosco
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Which player’s signature batting stance, which involved a lot of bustling physical activity, had a catchy nickname?
Kevin Elster
Tim Teufel
Danny Heep
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Which ’86 Mets alumni tandem appeared in a two-part episode of Seinfeld, in which Kramer and Newman recall the tale of having been spit on after attending a Mets game?
Keith Hernandez and Lenny Dykstra
Keith Hernandez and Bob Ojeda
Keith Hernandez and Roger McDowell
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Which player won the World Series MVP award on this talent-rich team?
Dave Magadan
Wally Backman
Ray Knight
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Which ’86 Met was accused in Dwight Gooden’s autobiography Heat of cutting off the head of his girlfriend’s cat during an impassioned argument Gooden was called in to mediate?
George Foster
Kevin Mitchell
Lenny Dykstra
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Which ’86 Met was hailed as a “stock genius” by Jim Cramer after turning to the business world in retirement?
Tim Teufel
Lee Mazzilli
Lenny Dykstra
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In an improbable Sam Malone-esque turn of events, which notoriously hard-partying ’86 Met now owns a bar/restaurant in Queens?
Keith Hernandez
Darryl Strawberry
Lenny Dykstra
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How many Mets hit over 30 home runs in the 1986 regular season?
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Philadelphia finished in second place in the NL East that season. How many games back were the Phillies?
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Which two ’86 Mets players now call games in the booth for the Mets’ local TV station SportsNet New York?
Dave Magadan and Rick Aguilera
Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez
Gary Carter and Ray Knight