Poppin' Corky!

Here they are, in a quiz together for the first time ever: Ten pop-culture actors and characters named Corky. That's right! All Corky all the time, jam-packed into the best darned Corky quiz this side of the tracks.

A score of 6 or more makes you a Certified Corky Champion. Fail and you fall victim to the Corky Screw. Good luck!

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What was Corky's last name on the TV series Life Goes On?
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Corky Pigeon found sitcom success with a four-year stint as Freddy Lippincottleman, the nerdy friend of what well-to-do sitcom kid?
Ricky Stratton (Silver Spoons)
Arnold Jackson (Diff'rent Strokes)
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On TV's Murphy Brown, perky Corky Sherwood married a lawyer and took what last name?
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On The Sopranos, Corky Caporale was a part-time hitman known for being addicted to which illegal drug?
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John Flitter portrayed Corky Veinshtein in a 2007 film about what young-adult book character?
Nancy Drew
Harry Potter
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Which Saturday Night Live cast member took his Corky Romano character to the big screen in 2001?
Will Ferrell
Chris Kattan
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In which Christopher Guest movie did he portray a character named Corky St. Clair?
Waiting for Guffman
A Mighty Wind
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Corky Ballas, Jr. was a winner on which of these reality TV series?
America's Next Top Model
Dancing with the Stars
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The family of which young vocalist nicknamed him Corky because of his on-stage energy?
Michael Jackson
Donny Osmond
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Robert Blake starred as the title character in the 1972 film Corky, which showcased what popular spectator sport?