Salute Your Shorts: The Quiz

Continuing our periodic look at Nickelodeon classics, we now take a visit to Camp Anawanna. How much do you remember about Ug, Donkeylips and the rest of the gang from Salute Your Shorts?

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In the theme song, the campers replace one line of the camp song with “It makes me wanna fart.” What is the line supposed to be?
This thing came apart
I hope we never part
We hold you in our heart
Our fun is now to start
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What kind of business do the campers decide to start for the camp’s career day?
A lemonade popsicle stand
A babysitting service
A honey delivery service
A birdhouse company
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Whose ghost (allegedly) haunts Camp Anawanna?
Babe Ruth
Zeke the Plumber
Pete the Cook
Pierre the Swordsman
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What is the name of the camp director, whose face is never seen on screen?
Dr. Tim
Tony Perkis
Mr. Boorger
Dr. Kahn
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What is Ug’s real name?
Bernard Ugworth
Ubaldo Germano
Kevin Lee
Eddie Gelfen
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When Dina and Budnick start dating, why do they eventually break up?
She wants him to cut his hair, but he refuses
He won't dance with her during the talent show
She thinks he is actually in love with Telly
They are on opposite teams during color wars
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During Upsidedown Weekend, who replaces Ug as camp counselor?
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Who replaced Michael in the second season?
Dina Alexander
Ronnie Pinsky
Jamie Mallet Jr.
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Michael at one point was written out of the show by having his character contract chicken pox and then go where?
To Switzerland, to go hiking with his family
To the hospital, where doctors realize he has smallpox
To the sick tent, where nobody has ever returned from
To Florida, to live with his grandma
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What is the name of the mail carrier (and later park ranger) who dates Ug?