The Karate Kid Quiz

As the movie poster said, "He [Mr. Miyagi] taught him [Daniel LaRusso] the secret to Karate lies in the mind and heart. Not in the hands." How much do you remember about their journey to the All Valley Karate Tournament title?

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From which east coast city do Daniel and Lucille LaRusso depart in the film’s opening scene?
Boston, MA
Baltimore, MD
Newark, NJ
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Which of the following was not a member of Johnny’s Cobra Kai entourage?
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Which other actor was reportedly offered the role of Daniel LaRusso?
Sean Penn
Johnny Depp
Charlie Sheen
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The (now) “classic” song “You’re the Best,” which plays during the final tournament montage, was originally written for which other 80s movie?
Rocky III
Just One of the Guys
Real Genius
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Mr. Miyagi gives Daniel two gifts on his birthday. The second, more memorable, was the yellow car Daniel admired, but what was the first gift Miyagi gave him?
One of his military medals
His old karate attire
A fly swatter
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Which three things do not exist in Kreese’s dojo (according to him, anyway)?
Fear, pain, and defeat
Disobedience, hesitancy, and nerves
Losing, losing, and losing
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Which of the following techniques in not a standard part of the vigorous Miyagi school of karate training regimen?
Sand the Floor
Wax On/Wax Off
Catch the Fly
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How do Daniel and Mr. Miyagi first meet?
Mr. Miyagi is fixing the LaRusso’s sink
Mr. Miyagi offers Daniel a “welcome” Bonsai tree
Mr. Miyagi offers to make Daniel’s Halloween costume
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The first fight between Daniel and Johnny during the beach party scene results from the destruction of which object?
A soccer ball
A radio
A dirt bike
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How did Miyagi escape aggravated assault prosecution after beating Johnny and his friends senseless after they attacked Daniel in the back of the apartment complex?
Miyagi's old war buddy was the D.A. at the time
The boys were too fearful of retribution if they identified him
This kind of stuff happens all the time in Southern California, so it’s cool
Miyagi had trained as an attorney in his native Okinawa and beat the rap with a skillful defense