Herbie: The Love Bug Quiz

I probably hadn't seen The Love Bug in 20 years before I rewatched it last week, but it's one of the movies I would always get at the video store. I've never picked up the 2005 Lindsay Lohan vehicle Herbie: Fully Loaded, so all of these questions are about the original.

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In what city does the movie predominantly take place?
San Francisco
Los Angeles
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What is the number of Peter Thorndyke’s yellow sports car?
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Which of the following tactics do Thorndyke and Havershaw not employ in an attempt to sabotage Herbie during the El Dorado?
Changing the arrows on a road sign
Dumping oil on the road
Pouring rice in Herbie's gas tank
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What is the terminal point for the first day of the El Dorado – The Run for the Gold?
Virginia City
Dale City
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What is Herbie’s license plate number?
GRO 345
LUV 123
OFP 857
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What type of car does Jim purchase after becoming frustrated and agreeing to sell Herbie to Thorndyke?
Rolls Royce
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Who is Herbie named after?
Herbie Hancock
Tennessee's uncle
Carole's dog
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What does Peter Thorndyke pour into Herbie’s engine to sabotage it the night before a race?
Irish coffee
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How much does Jim pay for Herbie?
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After Herbie splits into two parts in the final straightaway of the El Dorado, who crosses the finish line first?