America's Largest Cities A to Z

The new 2010 U.S. Census results are a treasure trove of trivia. In today's Lunchtime Quiz, you'll have ten minutes to name the most populous U.S. cities (not metro areas) beginning with each of the 26 letters of the English alphabet. A score of half (13) or better is a winner, and the clock starts when you key in your first entry.

NOTE: Capitalization is unnecessary, but spelling does count. Good luck!

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America's Largest Cities A to Z
AUSTIN (Texas)|Austin
BALTIMORE (Maryland)|Baltimore
CHICAGO (Illinois)|Chicago
DALLAS (Texas)|Dallas
EL PASO (Texas)|El Paso
FORT WORTH (Texas)|Fort Worth|Ft. Worth|Ft Worth
GREENSBORO (North Carolina)|Greensboro
HOUSTON (Texas)|Houston
INDIANAPOLIS (Indiana)|Indianapolis
JACKSONVILLE (Florida)|Jacksonville
KANSAS CITY (Missouri)|Kansas City
LOS ANGELES (California)|Los Angeles
MEMPHIS (Tennessee)|Memphis
NEW YORK (New York)|New York
OKLAHOMA CITY (Oklahoma)|Oklahoma City
PHILADELPHIA (Pennsylvania)|Philadelphia
QUINCY (Massachussetts)|Quincy
RALEIGH (North Carolina)|Raleigh
SAN ANTONIO (Texas)|San Antonio
TUCSON (Arizona)|Tucson
UNION CITY (California)|Union City
VIRGINIA BEACH (Virginia)|Virginia Beach
WASHINGTON (District of Columbia)|Washington
XENIA (Ohio)|Xenia
YONKERS (New York)|Yonkers
ZION (Illinois)|Zion